We join with other like-minded church families in the South West to turn the
lights on again, bringing the light of the Gospel, the Good News of God’s love for
all, to every part of our community.
We recognize the importance of the church as a secure, friendly, learning and
relationship forming family. It is a community enjoying the life of the Spirit
together, being refreshed, renewed and revived.

What is Church?
We understand the essential nature and the role of the Church in God’s purposes.

We seek to share with the head of the Church, Jesus, in the mission of spreading
the Good News and building his Kingdom throughout the world.
We recognize we are the Church and wherever we are, our lives are an act of
worship and witness.

The Church is Inclusive
We know that God created mankind in some way ‘in His image’ and we therefore
respect and accept all his children. We believe that God invites us to ‘come as we
are’, and recognize that he wants the very best for our lives and our experience is
that is worked out in reality within the church family.

Being part of our church family
The church meet together both on Sundays and in the week for worship, praise,
fellowship, teaching and prayer. These are times of renewal, recharging,
encouragement and hearing from God.
We encourage one another to celebrate, not only God’s generosity and provision
to us, but also in faith support The King’s Arms church through tithing and
‘cheerful’ giving.
Under the headship of Jesus, elders have spiritual oversight to lovingly guide,
guard and govern the church. They are supported and encouraged by the

The Bible is God’s Word
We honour the Bible as God’s revelation of his nature and love told through a
number of writers describing history, composing poetry, thinking wise
philosophy, writing letters and sharing visions. Through the Bible we hear God
‘speaking’ to us and understand our relationship with him and our place in his
Creation and his purposes.

Following Jesus
We seek to help each other ‘become more like Jesus and help people find their
way back to God’ by engaging in vibrant mid-week groups for all where open and
honest discussions and activities help faith to grow and mature. We encourage
small group prayer gatherings for mutual strengthening and seeking God’s help.


Gospel of Grace
God’s grace is demonstrated by the self-sacrifice of his Son Jesus on the cross
thus taking the penalty for the barrier between us and him through our ungodly
nature and actions. We do nothing to merit the benefit of that sacrifice but it is
freely offered to all who believe.

Life in the Spirit
We recognize the presence, power, fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit in the life of
the church and individual believers. We encourage the church family to seek
fullness in The Holy Spirit who fosters a close relationship with Jesus,
encourages right relationships with each other, and enables the pursuit of being
more like Jesus. As we are ‘filled’ with the Spirit, there will be an overflow to
family, neighbours and community.
We invite you to join with us, with a renewed sense of the call on our lives to
be a part of the amazing Body of Christ, and in particular, in the Kings Arms
Church based in Camborne.